Custom Water Feature Designs

Kevin Wood Landscapes designs and constructs a multitude of custom water features including fountains, streams, pools, ponds, cascades, waterfalls and more. Adding a unique water feature to your landscaping can improve the aesthetics of your yard, and potentially even lower your water bill. Let us help visualize and create your next water feature design.

When deciding on a custom water feature design for your space, start by thinking about location, style, materials, and how much maintenance you’ll want to put into it. By working with your space dimensions and what will make the most sense you’ll have several directions you’ll be able to take your new water feature.


A pond can be built above-ground or below. Below ground ponds look more natural, but above ground ponds are an easier build and can be safer for small children. If you go with a pond, you can enjoy its natural beauty, or make it a lively and colorful koi pond.


Fountains can stand-alone or be part of another water feature element. You can design virtually anything you can imagine using wood, metal, rocks, stones, pottery, concrete and more. Fountains and contemporary water features can include statues and artwork as well.

Waterfalls and Streams 

The design for waterfalls and streams can be above or below ground. A stream is similar to a soft flowing almost flat brook, while a waterfall offers a significant drop increasing the sound the water makes as it rushes by. The difference is created by how far the drop is from the starting point to the end. For example, a four-inch drop will create a softer and quieter stream effect whereas ten inches or more creates a waterfall effect. Both streams and waterfalls are highly customizable from materials used to overall size and design.


Adding a custom water feature to your swimming pool adds both beauty and excitement. Bubblers, sometimes called gushers, are bubbling water features that come up from under the water making a relaxing bubbling water sound. Scuppers are slots or spouts often from a raised ledge or wall from which water flows into your pool. Scuppers create a visual enhancement as well as a soothing backdrop of sound for your pool. Grottos are the ultimate water feature to add to your pool. Imagine sitting underneath a natural rock grotto with water cascading in front of you.

Whatever custom water feature you’re thinking about for your yard space we can help. You can start by looking through our portfolio and then give us a call to discuss your ideas and get a free quote.

Cascading Waterfall


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