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Our philosophy is to create natural looking landscapes with an emphasis on the native and well adapted plants. We use organic methods and aim for sustainable, low maintenance gardens.


Kevin Wood


Kevin Wood started Kevin Wood Landscapes in 1989, with the goal of creating beautiful landscapes with a regional Texas flair. His partner Sheryl McLaughlin, a landscape designer and native plant specialist, continues to consult on residential projects using organic techniques and high quality craftsmanship. Kevin was renowned for his beautiful water features and creative stone work. He took great pride in creating sustainable landscapes with unique features. His projects have a timeless appeal because of their natural beauty and are built to last. He was a graduate of UT Austin and has left his mark on the local landscape.



Sheryl McLaughlin

Active Owner, Native Plant Specialist and host of KLBJ Austin Gardener 590AM Radio. Sundays at 10am - Check out the Podcast

I’m originally from New Braunfels, Tx., and graduated from UT Austin with a degree in finance. I had two gardening grandmothers who always let me help, so I guess it was a latent interest and a hobby that I decided to make a business out of. In 1980, I got the idea to grow native Texas plants, which I saw disappearing at an alarming rate as development escalated. I could find almost no natives available in the nurseries, thus my interest in growing them. Everyone I asked told me to talk to Jill Nokes, who had a small nursery which was an outgrowth of her thesis at Texas A&M on propagating native plants. She sold me her stock and I employed her for the next year, during which she taught me everything she could about the process, including where in the Hill Country to collect seed, etc. I also went back to UT to study botany under Marshall Johnston, and read everything I could get my hands on, plus went to every seminar, talked to anyone who was doing natives anywhere in Texas, etc. I continued growing the plants through the eighties, and began selling retail, and eventually landscaping. That business was called Native Sun Nursery. In about 1986, I started as host of the Austin Gardener on KLBJ radio, which continues to this day.

In about 1990, I partnered up with Kevin Wood who began to do my landscape installations, and the company has grown ever since. His skill has allowed us to do such beautiful jobs, and continue amazing use of stone, boulders, etc., to create natural looking waterfalls and wonderful patios, kitchens, arbors, etc.

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